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PAMWG Update June 2009

PAMWG Update June 2009

The overall mission of the Property and Asset Managers Working Group (PAMWG) is to convene the practitioners in the Property and Asset Management fields for the professionally therapeutic goal of supporting each other working in these tough assignments. By convening and discussing the unique challenges and sharing information with each other, as well as the staff of SCANPH, we promote the property and asset management components and an often ignored dual mission of the affordable housing industry which is to increase the professional skills of all who work in the industry.

Recently, SCANPH held a meeting of PAMWG to discuss some of the more pressing issues facing property and asset managers in the industry. In addition, they offered solid and interesting suggestions for the SCANPH Annual conference on Friday, September 25, 2009. The great thing about working with PAMWG is that the discussion of their daily challenges feeds, inspires and defines the advocacy work of the organization.

At this recent meeting we asked the group to brain storm a list of interesting workshops to produce for the annual conference. In a two hour meeting the list grew beyond what could be possibly considered for the conference into a major topical list that the Member Services Division could start working on throughout the calendar year. Topics you'll be seeing in the near future are green property management (especially for maintenance staff), emergency preparation (how will your leaders and staff handle the situation and its aftermath?), managing and preparing for inspections from all your funding sources, as well as preparing for the next green technology wave (sub-metering and power purchase agreements for solar: does it work for us?).

SCANPH staff seeks to learn from these conversations and develop programs that deliver the solutions needed by those entrusted to manage and to the larger development community. Many thanks must go to those in attendance. We were pleased to host Shola Giwa - ACOF, Ana Gavin - Enterprise, Terry Simons - Venice Community Housing Association, Jo-Anne Cohen - Skid Row Housing Trust, Shannon Lampkins - West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation, and Tom Polansky from Abode Communities.