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LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Creates Transit Corridors Cabinet

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa created a Transit Corridors Cabinet by executive order last year to help ensure that the next incoming administration will continue to support the Measure R investment in the transit system. This was part of his overall Transit Corridor Strategy. The Transit Corridors Cabinet met for the first time with the public at Move LA’s 5th annual transportation conversation, and then takes the show on the road with meetings with the LA Thrives equity collaborative next month and then the Urban Land Institute in June. At the Move LA conversation,

In the Executive Directive, Mayor Villaraigosa called on the City’s General Managers to create the Los Angeles Transit Corridors Cabinet (TCC), a central entity to ensure all City departments and agencies coordinate, collaborate, and communicate their efforts to bring about a more transit-oriented Los Angeles. Mayor Villaraigosa created the TCC to streamline and harmonize City efforts, ensuring that the region’s ambitious and unprecedented investment in transportation infrastructure is properly leveraged to foster a more connected Los Angeles that provides jobs, housing, and a better quality of life for all Angelenos.

The first entity of its kind at the municipal level, the TCC will work to focus City resources and guide transit-oriented policies within Los Angeles’s evolving transit corridors. In utilizing a definition of “Transit Orientation” that focuses on equity, the economy, the environment and stakeholder engagement, the Mayor’s ExecutiveDirective sets the stage for Los Angeles to serve as a model for other municipalities.

“By coordinating the City’s efforts through the new Transit Corridors Cabinet, we can better focus our resources toward investments and policies that encourage and support transit use,” Mayor Villaraigosa said. "This strategy will provide Angelenos of all income levels access to quality transportation, housing, and job opportunities while encouraging participation in the community development process. Together we can ensure that all stakeholders share in the benefits of growth and revitalization created by transit investment.”

The TCC will act as point of contact for the City’s Transit Orientation strategy, actively prioritizing City efforts, regularly evaluating strategies and providing public reports on the City’s progress. Members will perform constant outreach and communication with Los Angeles’ various transportation, housing, economic, and community development stakeholder groups.

“Too often, a lack of communication halts our development. I applaud the creation of the Transit Corridor Cabinet, which will allow us to collaborate, communicate and cooperate for the benefit of our City,” said Councilman Tony Cárdenas.

With the increase in transportation project funding for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) following the passage of Measure R in 2008, the City of Los Angeles looks to take advantage of the transformative potential this investment will have on access and mobility for all Angelenos.

"As someone who is focused on improving the corridors throughout my district, I applaud Mayor Villaraigosa for continuing to show leadership in not only imagining a broader strategy for a more transit-oriented City, but also implementing it,” said Councilman José Huizar. “This commitment goes a long way in showing residents and stakeholders that the City is committed to improving their lives and communities. This proactive policy will also allow the City of Los Angeles to lead the way in encouraging other cities across the nation to implement their own plans to create smart transit oriented policies.”

“Los Angeles has an incredible opportunity to create diverse transit corridors where Angelenos can live, work, and play,” said City Planning Commissioner Bill Roschen, who along with MTA Board Director Mel Wilson led the Mayor’s ad hoc effort to develop this transit orientation strategy. “I look forward to continuing this important effort to leverage City’s resources and bring about the type of improvements our corridors deserve.”

Any interested parties should e-mail mayor.transitcorridors@lacity.org for further information and to stay informed.