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Do you know of an organization that is in need of a playground?

Is your community in need of a playground? Do you know of an organization that is in need of a playground?

KaBOOM! is a national nonprofit organization that envisions a great place to play within walking distance of every child in North America. We have a potential corporate sponsor that would like to cover the majority of the funding as well as provide volunteers to help build a playground in the Los Angeles County area. We need your help to identify those individuals and community organizations that serve children and families that would really benefit from and who would embrace the process of a community built playspace partnership. An organization must meet the following criteria to qualify:

-Fundraise $7,500 USD towards the cost of equipment. The playground area will be worth approximately $40,000 USD at completion. (Community Partners also receive a free Toolkit, a set of four books, including a fundraising guide, to help fundraise for the Community Partner contribution.) Visit www.playworldsystems.com to view the type of equipment we would use for your playground. Attached is a sample playground design!
-Provide at least 2,500 sq. feet in available land and complete any needed site preparation, i.e. removing old equipment, asphalt, grading the land.
-Providing additional in kind responsibilities such as breakfast and lunch for Build Day, tools, restroom facilities, and a dumpster.
-Recruit 125-150 volunteers for Build Day and recruit parents who are excited about serving on planning committees for an 8-10 week period.
-Accept ownership and maintenance responsibilities for the playspace upon completion.

Our goal is to not only build a new playspace but also to use the project to strengthen existing support networks and to build new relationships within the community. The approximate 10 week planning process kicks off with a Design Day where the children literally design their dream playgrounds, and culminates on Build Day where volunteers build the new playground in about six hours.

In order to be considered, please complete and submit the attached application by e-mail or fax to me at nlazo@kaboom.org or 202-659-0210 by February 20th. Please contact me directly at 202-464-6181 with any questions.

If you are unable to take advantage of this opportunity please forward this information to any others who may benefit. I also encourage you to submit an application as we will maintain your information indefinitely and will notify you of the next available opportunity. If you would like more information about KaBOOM! please contact nlazo@kaboom.org or visit www.kaboom.org. Thank you for your consideration, and we hope to hear from you!

Nicole M. Lazo ? Client Services Coordinator
KaBOOM! ? 202.464.6181 ? 4455 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite B100 Washington, DC 20008

Our Vision: A great place to play within walking distance of every child in America. Interested in building a playground or in the process of planning? You're not alone! Kaboom.org has hundreds of playground project postings from people just like you, who used the KaBOOM! Project Planner to make their playground dream a reality. How did a community solve fundraising issues? Or collect tools? Or round up volunteers? You can find their answers and experiences at projects.kaboom.org!